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It was the middle of January 2019 when I decided to quit my job.

The year had just begun. I had a whole notebook filled with scribbles and jottings of goals I was driven to accomplish. And yet, the one thing I had never prepared myself to do first was to find a new place to work.

I had been employed as a writer for an online publication for nearly three years since I graduated college. It was fun while it lasted—until it dawned on me how much more I deserved compared to what I was currently getting. It had come to a point that, while I truly loved what I did every day, the dissatisfaction and hurt from feeling under-appreciated, taken advantage of, and completely boxed in by their harsh expectations took a toll on me. My mental health worsened by the day, breakdowns became frequent, and I spent evenings in bed questioning my capabilities. I knew I needed to get out—fast.

Things piled up one after another in a matter of weeks. I refused to just grin and bear it. And so, one day, I applied for another publication, passed my resignation letter, and left. March had just begun.

When I think of The Fool, I always look back on this whirlwind experience of leaving my comfort zone for a new chapter in my life that I wasn’t sure would make me happier. It was the most terrifying thing I had resolved to do. I was filled with uncertainty—not knowing if I was making a mistake I’ll later regret. But where would we all be if we didn’t take risks? Sometimes, all it takes is a leap of blind faith to grow, to learn, and to eventually find what we are looking for.


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the fool

The Fool will always be my favorite card not only because of the message it imparts but also because I rarely pull it in tarot card readings.

I’ve always manifested the energies of The Fool—diving headfirst into opportunities that present themselves without any concrete plan on how to go about them in the long run, trusting that I will figure it all out along the way.

Sure, there are regrets and anxieties, but I look back at all of them and thank each one for helping me learn and grow. And that’s all that matters to us—knowing that we will blossom after all this tireless work.

So we press on. Live the life we are meant to be living. Be fools of our own destinies. And when all is said and done, do it all over again.

journaling and self-care prompt

What would you do right now if you weren’t afraid?

Think about the message of The Fool and create a bucket list of goals and dreams, no matter how far-fetched, that you hope to accomplish within a specific timeframe (could be within the month, or the next quarter, or before the year ends). Jot them down on a piece of paper, on your notebook, or on your phone. Keep it within view all the time so that you don’t lose sight of your aspirations!

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