People often get tarot readings without knowing or understanding that the kind of questions they ask bears weight in the outcome of the reading. Asking the right questions can help make your tarot reading insightful and productive; asking the wrong ones can make it confusing and weird.

So here’s a nifty guide on how to phrase your tarot questions!


Don’t ask yes or no questions

Make sure your questions are open-ended. So instead of asking if something will or will not happen, ask what you can do to achieve the outcome that you truly want. 


Don’t ask time-based questions

Refrain from asking questions that expect a definite answer as to when something will happen. Tarot readers don’t predict the future, after all. Alternatively, you can ask what you can do to achieve that goal you’re waiting to happen more quickly or efficiently.


Don’t ask questions in lieu of another person

Always ask questions about yourself instead of another person. You’re the one asking for the reading, after all. You can’t control their life, but you can control yours.


Don’t take ownership of situations that are beyond your control

If it’s an uncontrollable circumstance, don’t ask about it. It’s just a waste of time for you and for your tarot reader. Asking if you’ll get the job or win a competition are some examples of questions you shouldn’t bother asking. Again, tarot readers don’t predict the future; they’re here to empower you to live the life you aspire to have.


Do focus on the now instead of things in the past that you cannot change

No one can change the past. So why bother dwelling on it? It’s good to acknowledge that which you cannot change, but what’s important is what you’ll do moving forward.

Examples of effective tarot card questions:

  • What should I be focusing on right now?
  • What can I do to attract the right partner for me?
  • What can help me heal or get through this period of grief?
  • How will I know if I’m on the right career path?
  • How can I further my career?
  • What can I do to better my financial situation?
  • What do the energies of this month have in store for me?

Examples of ineffective tarot card questions:

  • When will I ever be happy?
  • Does my crush like me back?
  • Did I do the right thing?
  • Should I quit my job?
  • Will I get a promotion soon?
  • Will my favorite team win in the competition?
  • What kind of person will my future wife/husband be?
  • Should I choose (this) or (that)?

You can research for more examples online!

But don’t be afraid if you end up phrasing your tarot question poorly because your tarot reader will most certainly help “translate” your question into a better one and give you the answer you need.

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