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We all crave mindfulness.

Tarot reading has long been frowned upon for allegedly promoting paganistic activities. But there’s nothing wicked about it at all.

To a lot of us, I included, tarot is a form of healing. It’s therapeutic and calming and helps us get back to our center when we find ourselves lost and all over the place. I turn to my tarot when I am plagued by dark thoughts and I always feel much lighter afterward.

This isn’t to say that tarot should be an alternative to therapy because it definitely isn’t. But if you are in need of clarity, guidance, or just a quick pick-me-up, tarot reading is a wonderful way to gain mindfulness within minutes.

If there is something in your life that requires enlightenment, be it your career or your relationships, keep scrolling below to book a tarot reading today!

types of readings available

quick q&a

One question, one simple answer. Book a Quick Q&A reading to gain instant clarity on whatever it is that’s bugging your mind right now!

PHP 200

past, present, future

This simple three-card spread lets you easily understand your life from three perspectives—to acknowledge the things that have happened, find out what to do next, and gain confidence in the present.

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managing your anxiety

This spread will help you acknowledge your stress and negative emotions, and help you realize what you need to do to release them or manage them better.

PHP 500

2023: the year ahead

Gain clarity on the year ahead and what you should take with you to flourish in the coming months with this special start-of-the-year reading.

PHP 500

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