Early November, I told myself I wasn’t going to buy a planner anymore. I convinced myself that it was an unnecessary expense, knowing I had a few blank notebooks lying around that I could repurpose as bullet journals, and also that the rather pricey Japanese Hobonichi Techo I bought at the beginning of 2019 now lay abandoned on my worktable. (I’d like to mention that I’m using it now as a travel journal, so it’s not completely forgotten.)

But I’m weak-willedthat much I can admit. Beautiful Taiwanese planners popped up on my social media feed and my heart instantly screamed: I NEED ONE. In true Leo Sun fashion, though, I didn’t let myself give in to an impulsive decision. I would spend hours convincing myself I didn’t actually need it, that I should save my money on more important things, that I haven’t even fully recovered yet from prior impulsive buys and I definitely didn’t need a new one to lament over.

However, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I needed a planner to get all my sh*t together in the year to come.

So I made one instead.



Featuring journal pages to reflect on the year to end and plan for the year to come; a 2020 moon phase calendar and guide; monthly spreads; an undated weekly spread; and a blank habit tracker and savings tracker.

It’s perfect for those who like to keep track of astrological events during the year, as well as those who like the flexibility of undated spreads.

Make the Musings and Magic 2020 Planner part of your everyday tools for mindful living!

Here are a few of my favorites that would totally go well with the Musings and Magic 2020 Planner:

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