I had been thinking about the emptiness I carried the entire drive home. How I felt the cold wind rush right through me, past my spine, my ribs, and my chest. But perhaps I wasn’t at all empty—perhaps the space that you had left was exactly that: space. Space that will be filled someday with whatever or whoever stumbled next into my bleak life. It was terrifying. It was sobering.

I don’t know if I’ll ever find someone who will make my soul sing the way you did. But in this one moment of my brief life, I had allowed you to reside in the space between  my ribcage, where you could rest your weary bones until the sands of time and distance took you away from me.

I know that I will mourn my losses for the time being. But the tides of my heart are at ease knowing that I would continue on with no regrets.

Perhaps somewhere in the vast universe, you and I exist to hold each other with such infinite tenderness. And that would be enough.