There are moments in your life when you see or experience certain things that remind you of the immensity and beauty of the earth that you often forget exist. Immediately, you are awash with a wave of peace of knowing that no matter how terrible your life may get, no matter how difficult it is to wake every morning, no matter how heavy your shoulders may feel, there will always, always be bigger mechanisms than you.

You don’t ever expect that feeling to last. You’ve learned that nothing ever does—not joy, not friends, not even one’s own life. But while it does, you have never felt so eager to cherish it, to hold it tenderly on the palms of your calloused hands, and let it spark tiny flecks of hope in your hard heart.

Right now, you are here. You are safe. And you owe it to yourself to let go of all the pain you’ve buried deep inside your soul—even for just a moment.